Bariatric Surgery Counseling for Weight Loss • Silicon Valley (San Jose/Saratoga) and Sacramento Valley (Roseville)

At the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Silicon Valley, we provide a number of services to help you before and after your bariatric surgery. The decision to have bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision. Some people have the false belief that the surgery will cause the weight loss. In reality, the surgery is a tool but you must follow a rigid diet after weight loss surgery to lose the weight and keep it off. In the first year or two after surgery, most people will lose significant amounts of weight while others may lose some but not all of the weight they want. Even patients who lose weight often find it starts creeping back years after their surgery if they go back to their old eating habits or do not resolve pre-existing eating problems.

Before Bariatric Surgery

Making the Decision to Have Bariatric Surgery – We can provide a safe, nonjudgmental place for you to explore whether making the decision to have bariatric surgery is right for you. We can provide you with education about the various forms of weight loss surgery and help you evaluate the pros and cons. We can help you learn about what types of food you’ll be allowed to eat in the various phases after surgery depending on the type of surgery you select.

Fixing Eating Problems – If you have issues like binge eating, grazing, compulsive overeating, excessive cravings, night eating or emotional eating, these problems will still be there after the surgery. The surgery helps reduce physical hunger because of its restrictive nature but the surgery does not affect head hunger. Some patients find that while they don’t overeat the things they are supposed to eat like protein and vegetables, other foods like popcicles, milkshakes and ice cream still go down easily.

Pre Bariatric Surgery Assessment – Once you decide to have bariatric surgery, your surgeon will require you to have a psychological assessment to ensure you are ready. We offer a 90 minute assessment session and will write and send a report to your surgeon.

After Bariatric Surgery

Losing the Weight Successfully After Bariatric Surgery – We can provide counseling and coaching after surgery to help maximize your chances for long term weight loss and maintenance. Your surgeon’s office will probably give you access to a nutritionist’s services to discuss what foods and how many calories you should be eating at each stage of recovery. In addition, there are several bariatric surgery support groups you can attend after surgery. At the CBT Center, we can join your team to help you deal with any emotional issues that arise after surgery such as missing your old lifestyle and the foods you used to enjoy, body image issues, marital and dating issues, and other issues that may have been hidden below the surface before your surgery. Sometimes people get depressed after weight loss surgery because they didn’t lose as much weight as they expected or they are still not satisfied with their body.

Counseling and Therapy for Pre/Post Bariatric Surgery

We are located in Saratoga on the border of San Jose and Saratoga just 1/2 mile from Highway 85. With our convenient location near highway 85, we serve the Silicon Valley communities of San Jose, Saratoga, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Cupertino and Campbell, CA. Contact us at (408) 384-8404 for more information on how we can help you overcome any issues you need help with before or after your bariatric surgery for weight loss.