Hair Pulling and Skin Picking Tools

Ways to Prevent and Distract from Hair Pulling and Skin Picking

Many clients ask us about tools to help distract themselves from body-focused repetitive behaviors like hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting and other bad habits. Below is a collection of ideas and tools that might help prevent or distract you from engaging in your habit. Click on the images below to get purchase information.

Foozel rings

Finger covers

Koosh Balls and Fidget Toys

Fidget Sets

Squishy balls

Glow Products

Finger Puppets

Relaxation Coloring Books for Adults and Teens

Stress Relief Coloring Books for Children

Activity Books for Kids

Crayons and Colored Pencils

Artist Grade Colored Pencils

Sketch Pads

Colored Pencil Sharpeners

Jewelry Making