CBT Online Video Therapy Program in California

Now You Can Get “Real” CBT for OCD and Anxiety No Matter Where You Live in California!


CBT Online Video TherapyWhile Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been proven effective in hundreds (if not thousands) of research studies and is the gold standard for OCD and anxiety, very few therapists are well-trained in evidence-based CBT or have a desire to practice CBT using the full model. As a result, it can be difficult or impossible to find a certified or adherent CBT therapist in most parts of California. At the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center, we offer online video therapy and counseling using a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform to clients in California who live too far away to drive to our CBT Center in the Silicon Valley or Sacramento Valley or who just prefer the convenience of doing therapy at home. Our CBT Online Video Therapy Program is offered in all cities and towns in California including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange CountySanta Cruz, Monterey and Carmel, CA.

How Does the CBT Online Video Program Work?

First, our Center Assistant will talk to you about CBT and how we work at the CBT Center. She will answer your initial questions and screen you to determine if you would be a good candidate for CBT Online Video Therapy. If it seems like a preliminary fit, then she will email you the therapy agreement and client information form. You will then fax this back to us. At this point, the Center Director will review your information to assess the fit. If it seems like a fit, then the Center Assistant will call you to schedule an initial assessment session.

For general information on the CBT Center’s policies and procedures, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Is CBT Online Video Therapy Designed For?

For our online video therapy program in California, we are selective in who would qualify to participate. It is intended for adults age 18+ who have mild to moderate OCD or a specific anxiety disorder such as panic disorder, generalized anxiety/worry, social anxiety, phobias or trichotillomania. If you have severe OCD or depression, are in crisis mode or you are looking for therapy for a child or teen, then we recommend you work with a therapist or treatment center that can provide in-person treatment. In addition, we offer schema therapy via online video therapy for adults with problematic personality styles and/or recurring anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

How is CBT Different?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a specialized form of therapy and very few therapists may have enough training to offer evidence-based treatments for OCD and anxiety disorders. While many therapists integrate CBT techniques into their therapy style, we are different in that we offer therapy exclusively from the CBT model and incorporate all the aspects of CBT that are known for its effectiveness including goal setting, agenda setting at every session, results tracking, use of evidence-based techniques based on a cognitive conceptualization of your problems and homework in between sessions. In addition, we are trained in all the various forms of CBT that have been researched for each of the various OCD and anxiety disorders.

Other Questions and Answers about CBT Online Video Therapy

How much does CBT Online Video Therapy Cost?
The cost is the same as regular in-person therapy since the same process is involved. In addition, only our most experienced licensed CBT therapists provide online video therapy. The cost per 45-minute session ranges from $160 to $210 depending on the therapist. The cost for the initial 75-minute assessment session is higher.

Payment for CBT Online Video Therapy sessions is due by credit card 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. We have a strict 48-hour policy to cancel or reschedule sessions. The full fee is charged if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice.

Will Insurance Cover CBT Online Video Therapy Sessions?
Legally, in the State of California, online video therapy (also known as “telemedicine”) is supposed to be covered just like in-person therapy. We use a modifier when claims are submitted to indicate it was a telemedicine session (which includes therapy via videoconferencing). However, like with all insurance, we can’t guarantee it will be covered. For more information, see our Insurance page.

Do you provide any other therapy services via online video in addition to CBT?
Yes. In addition, we provide Schema Therapy through online video therapy in California. Schema Therapy is an evidence-based, longer term integrative form of cognitive behavior therapy that helps individuals understand and manage problematic personality styles that cause ongoing relationship problems or unrelenting anxiety disorders. Currently, there is no one in the State of California who is certified in Schema Therapy. Our Director, Laura Johnson, is in the process of completing the Advanced Intensive Schema Therapy program through the Schema Therapy Institute of New Jersey and New York and becoming certified in Schema Therapy.

How to Get Started with CBT Online Video Therapy

To learn more about our CBT Online Video Therapy Program for adults living in California, please contact us at (408) 384-8404 or click here to send an email.